Rebuilds · Installation · Alignment

Why Rebuild?

Quicker Turn-Around Time, Quickly Customized and Updated for Your Operation, and Huge Savings. We’ve rebuilt countless McDonough, Cleereman, Mellott, Forona, Salem, Stenner, Klamath, MOAK and many more band mills over the last 30 years!

What's Included in a Rebuild?

Each rebuild varies depending on the machine and existing operations. From complete teardowns to minor fab work. New Hoods, Wedges, Off Bearing Belts, and Resurfacing are standard for most rebuilds.

Why Us?

Experience, knowledge, service and guidance bring success and satisfaction to each customer.

Alignments & Efficiency Improvements

Get more from your mill! Our team is preferred by the leading manufacturers and sawmills all over North America to align, improve, service and rebuild if needed to ensure end user satisfaction and production. We tale a total view of the mill, to address any restraint – whether that is materials, layout, operator, support equipment or many other factors that go unnoticed by basic service and maintenance.

Mill Construction & Installation

Jeff Miller Inc. offers a different approach to mill construction. Instead of bringing in a crew of workers to build your project, we work with local suppliers and current employees to get the work done. We feel it's best if the same people that will be running the mill, help to build it. A lot of projects/builds have begun with people having almost no previous steel fabrication skills, and by the end of the build, anyone who has applied themselves are now capable of doing most of the functions of a good mill maintenance person. Think of how this will not only reduce the labor cost of mill construction, but also how it will reduce the amount and length of downtime in the future! This has made us unique in the saw mill construction industry. Our goal is to help you reduce the overall daily cost of lumber production when 6-8 guys put there shoulder to the down-time wheel. I promise to do my personal best and to reply to your questions in a timely manner.