Short paragraph about this equipment here. Our goal is to improve how many feet - per man - per hour your mill produces, by reducing downtime and the total cost of maintenance. Often overlooked is the cost of opportunity. It can escalate and compound when the real cost of an underproductive mill or machine are put on a spread sheet..

Slab Saw

Firewood Slab Saw

Turn Slabs Into Profits! Accuracut's Automatic Firewood Slab Saw is 100% Hands-Free, NO Hydraulics, Electrical, or Air. NO HEADACHES! Adjustable to cut 12", 18", 24", and 30" Lengths and Cut Slabs up to 18" Wide
$18,600 FOB - White Pigeon, Michigan

Mat Drill

Mat Drill

Remote Gas Honda Power — No Electric Needed Coupler, Counter bore and drill not included at this price additional $1,250.00 for a ready to drill machine

Band Saw Guide Dresser

Bandsaw Guide Dresser

Accuracut Band Saw Guide Dresser - Safer and More Accurate! 4" to 14"
110 Bosch - $3,300, 20 Dewalt - $3,650
Milwaukee - $4,200

Bandsaw Hammering Bench

Bandsaw Hammering Bench

Accuracut’s Bandsaw Hammering Bench is built to the highest standards for easy use and consistency each and every time!